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Gere Victor is a goldsmith and jewellery designer with 30 years of experience. Since 2022 he has scaled some of his jewellery pieces up in size to produce Adorn Pendants; quite literally “Jewellery for your Home”. Each pendant is a synergy between minerals (agate, selenite, marble, malachite, jet, crystal, lapis lazuli, turquoise, etc) and architectural elements in bronze that clasp and frame each jewelled element. Adorn Pendants are all once-off, statement pieces. Some minerals are used in their natural state, while others are polished, but all are set to best effect with the same techniques used when making a piece of jewellery. But these pendants don’t dangle from an ear or sparkle from a wrist, but cascade from the ceiling down to the floor. As with jewellery, an Adorn pendant can accessorise a room when placed in harmony with other objects in the space; or it can stand alone as the sole attraction. Adorn your space!