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Marke Meyer was born in 1964 in the little town of Kokstad. He spent his childhood in the mountains of Lesotho. Meyer is a full-time sculptor who currently works from his studio in Uvongo, on the picturesque South Coast in KwaZulu Natal.
Meyer sculpts in clay, makes the molds from silicon and fibreglass and all pieces are cast into bronze. Some of his bronzes he then has chromed. Many of his works are suspended.

Meyer’s work is predominantly figurative. “The human body, either in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground”, he says.Marke is essentially a poet at heart. Having abandoned the pen and paper in exchange for space itself, he now uses sculpture to create his own unique, quirky concoction of ‘visual poetry’. All the titles for his artworks are taken from lines in his poetry. These are etched into the piece and are an integral part of the work.

“Figures fascinate me. In particular the female form. In some ways my work is an autobiographic story, they always speak of a journey. They revolve around change and movement from one space to another, a kind of transformation from one headspace to another. This could be cerebral, emotional, psychological or physical.

A recurrent theme deals with internal experiences and external influences morphing one from childhood into adulthood.

My work is mostly conceptual but I also use elements of symbolism: footwear for instance – flippers, heels and roller-skates demonstrate a sort of finding out which shoe fits. Chameleons mean change, adaptation, camouflage and self-preservation. The watery world of goldfish also finds its way into the works and speaks of pre-birth, birth and other-worldliness. Apples may be the ‘Teacher’s apple, Eve’s apple, William Tell’s apple or a blend of all three. I love the play of symbolism when mixed with words and form.

I prefer the nude figure as it is free of context allowing for an open-ended expression of abstract concepts and emotions. My work revolves around change, risk, trust and movement from one space to another. This is sometimes cerebral, emotional, psychological, physical, meta-physical or a combination.”

His inspiration, he explains, comes from waking dreams.

The investment value of Meyer’s work is ensured by the fact that they are cast in limited editions of either 12 or 15. Thereafter the mold is destroyed.  

Selected Solo Exhibitions            

2019               Beneath the Surface – Art@Clocktower, Cape Town Waterfront, Cape

2019              The Games We Play – Riverbend Art & Wine Gallery, Southbroom, KZN, S.A.

2019               Poetry in Motion II – Art@Clocktower, Cape Town Waterfront, Cape

2019               In Dreams So Far Removed – Imbizo Gallery, Ballito, KZN, S.A.

2019              A Place to Hide – Imbizo Gallery, Umhlanga, KZN, SA.

2018               Poetry in Motion – Art@Clocktower, Cape Town Waterfront, Cape

2017               A Legacy of Laughter and Lost Moments – Durbanville Hills Wine Estate, Cape

2015               Taunting Gravity – Imbizo Gallery, Hoedspruit, S.A.

2012               Exposure – Riverbend Art & Wine Gallery, KZN, S.A.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023           venUS & eARTh – The Gallery, Lifestyle Centre, Ballito, KwaZulu Natal, RSA
                   March – April 2023

2021           This is Art – @ CTICC – Cape Town Art Fair
                   (Marke Meyer & Kobus Walker) 
                   26-28 November 2021

2020           The opening of the Corrie Scribente Gallery, Umhlanga, KwaZulu Natal, RSA
                   27th November 2020

2020           The opening of the Art@Africa Hermanus Gallery, Western Cape, RSA
                   5th November 2020

2020            Riverbend Art & Wine Gallery, Southbroom, KwaZulu Natal, RSA 
                    (Sculptor Marke Meyer & painters Everett Duarte, Frances Duarte & Munro)
                    24th – 5th October 2020

2020             So Much Talent In Our Country – Exhibition & Launch of Art@Africa Art Book, Cape Town  Waterfront, Cape, RSA              

2020             The opening of the Julie Miller African Contemporary Gallery, Randburg, Johannesburg, RSA
                     (Marke Meyer & Sonja Smeyers)

2020            A New Tomorrow – Imbizo Gallery @ The Pearls, Umhlanga, RSA.

2019             Trascendence / Transzendenz – Kunstgalerie Meerbusch, Dusseldorf, Germany
                     (Marke Meyer & Everett Duarte & Frances Schandera)  

2018             Intrinsic Flow – Imbizo Gallery @ The Pearls, Umhlanga, KZN
2018             Not a Painting – Show Room Gallery, Pretoria

2018             At the Heart of Laughter – Gallery on Leviseur, Bloemfontein 
                     (Marke Meyer, Tay Dall, Rudolf Bitzer)       

2018              Decorex Durban 2018, KZN
                      (Duarte artists & Marke Meyer)

2017/8           State of Grace – Imbizo Gallery, Ballito, KZN

                      (Marke Meyer, David Hadaway)

2017             Bronze Art Africa Gallery – White River, Mpumalanga
                     (Marke Meyer & Michael Canadas – partners in own Gallery)           

2017               Present in Absence – Candice Berman Gallery, Bryanston, Johannesburg.
                        (Louise Almon, Marke Meyer)     

2017               Tiny – In Toto Gallery, Johannesburg 

2017                Mute Wisdom Art@Durbanvillhill – Cape

2017                Poetry in Motion – Art@Almenkerk – Elgin Grabow / Cape

2017                Decorex – Durban  2017
                        (Duarte artists & Marke Meyer)     

2016                Summertide Group Exhibition, The Gallery Riebeek Kasteel, Cape.

2016                Sculpture Exhibition, Imbizo Gallery launch, Umhlanga (Pearl Walk), KwaZulu Natal, S.A.

2016                Sculpture Exhibition, Hilton Arts Festival, KwaZulu Natal, S.A.

2016                Sculpture Exhibition, Candice Berman Fine Art, Johannesburg, S.A.
                        (Marke Meyer, Gerhard van Eck, Michael Canandas)

2016                Start Art Fair, Candice Berman Fine Art, Saatchi Gallery, London

2016                Turbine Art Fair (TAF 2016), Candice Berman Fine Art, Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, S.A.

2016                That Art Fair, Candice Berman Fine Art, Woodstock, Cape Town

2016                KKNK Arts Festival, Candice Berman Fine Art, Oudtshoorn, S.A.

2016                Klein Karoo National Arts Festival, Candice Berman Fine Art, S.A.


2016                Wayward Dreams – Imbizo Gallery, Ballito, S.A.
                        (Marke Meyer, Carl Roberts, Elizabeth Balcomb, Isaac Sithole, Terri Broll, Gerhard van Eck

 2016                Duarte Artists & Marke Meyer, Durban Exhibition Centre, S.A.

                       (Marke Meyer, Everett Duarte, Frances Duarte, Izzy Duarte)

2015                Turbine Art Fair (TAF2015), Candice Berman Fine Art, Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, S.A.

2015                Marke Meyer & Joy Heyneke @ The Leonardo Gallery, Morelettapark,  Pretoria, S.A.

2015                Into Thin Air,  Imbizo Gallery, Ballito (Marke Meyer, Steve van der Schyff, Nicolaas Roos, Everett Duarte, Frances Duarte,   Mpenja)

2015                The Child Inside – Rooftop VII, St. Lorient Art & Fashion Gallery, Brooklyn, Pretoria, S.A.  
 (Andre Otto, Marke Meyer, Andriaan Diedericks, Gordon Froud, Guy Du Toit, Rossouw Van der     Walt, Mchelle le Grange, Setlamorago Mashilo, Caitlin Greenberg, Ruhan Janse Van Vuuren, Nelson    Thaba, Sara Richards, Noko Mello, Francos Venter, Ronit Judelman, Yannis Generalis and Jaco  Sieberhagen)

2014                Wishful Thinking, Gallery 4, Shelly Beach, S.A.

2014                No Tomorrow, Imbizo Gallery, Ballito, S.A.   (Marke Meyer, Izzy Duarte, Terri Broll, Michael Canadas, Leoni Needham)

2014                Turbine Art Fair (TAF2014), Candice Berman Fine Art, Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, S.A.

2013                Hilton Arts Festival, Hilton, S.A.

2013                In Touch, Imbizo Gallery, Ballito, S.A.   (Marke Meyer, The Duarte Artists, Mpenja)

2012                Life Force, Imbizo Gallery, Ballito, S.A.    (Marke Meyer, Carl Roberts, Izzy Duarte, Anton Smit)

2010                Dimitrov & Meyer, Riverbend Art GallerySouthbroom, S.A.    (Branco Dimitrov, Marke Meyer)

2009                Shades of Grey, Kizo Art Gallery, Ballito, S.A.   (Clint Stijdom, Marke Meyer)

2008                ColaborVent, Margate, S.A.

2007                Walking Through Walls, Kizo Art Gallery, Umghlanga, S.A.  (Marke Meyer, Gavin Risi, Everett Duarte, Frances Duarte)

2006                PPC Young Sculptors Awards – Association of Arts, Pretoria, S.A.

2006                Access Denied, Red Eye, Durban Art Gallery, Durban, S.A.

2006                Transform, Red Eye, Durban Art Gallery, Durban, S.A.

2005                Contemporary Women by 2 Men, Depictions Gallery, KZN, S.A.  (Marke Meyer, Everett Duarte)

2003                ColaborArt 13 to 18, Margate Art Museum, KZN, S.A.

2002                ColaborArt 7 to 12, Margate Art Museum, KZN, S.A.

2001                ColaborArt 1 to 6, Margate Art Museum, KZN, S.A.

Private Collections:
South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, Wales, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Florida, Los Angeles, Colorado, America, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, Denmark,  Portugal & Hong Kong.