Art has in many ways become far more than paint on canvas, or clay on the potter’s wheel. It has become a means whereby to communicate from the soul of the artist,  to the souls of his or her audience.

One may argue that this has always been true, and to some extent it may well be true, but it stands above contestation that art has become a medium of spiritual communication and much more so than ever before.

Artists are more emotionally intelligent and spiritually aware and aligned, than ever before.

This translates in very, very interesting art being presented. Art is becoming more intelligent, innovative and has the ability to communicate the story of the artist in a real and tangible way.

Art lovers around the globe are being spoiled by a brand new generation of artists who are spiritually connected and aligned, producing amazing pieces. Technology has entered the world of art and this has added yet another dimension to the artists tool box.

Augmented reality is producing “living art” where pieces come alive to draw us into the narrative that was playing out in the artist’s mind as he or she laid the strokes down on their canvas.

David Griessel, an undisputed pioneer in the world of Augmented reality is making waves across the globe with his amazing pen and ink drawings that “come alive” to tell their story, through the camera of a smartphone or a tablet. This Bloemfontein art-dynamo is literally causing people’s jaws to drop as they watch in wordless astonishment how his art jumps off the wall unto the screen of their devices.
Jane Moodie’s art draws you right into the canvas as it gives expression to emotion and spiritual energy, that can be felt in her work. It takes no effort to fall in love with her pieces! They are bold and rich in colour and crowned with gold! Beautiful art! Intelligent art! Spiritual art!

What more could we want?

The same is true for Solly Smook, who is an absolute perfectionist in creating unusual pieces, unusual brush strokes and unusual combinations and variations of mediums used to create “mouth-watering” pieces. Pieces that you want to own! Want to spend time with and that soothes the soul!

The responsibility is now on us to keep up, as we enter a new age of art. To become emotionally intelligent as well, to become spiritually connected,  as the artists who are pioneering the way into this new way  of art, and to enjoy the journey with them, as we do!

Johann van der Hoven
Môi Art Gallery + Rare Objekt
Riebeek Kasteel,
Western Cape,
South Africa

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